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Man Hui is a versatile industrial designer who has spearheaded design projects for multinational corporations. Throughout his career, he has earned numerous accolades, including lifetime professional member of the Hong Kong Design Association, multiple Global Design Awards, and international recognition for his works featured in esteemed publications. Hui’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Koncept Studios, a renowned lifestyle brand within the global classic Mini community. Additionally, he launched the Learntify App, which facilitates skill sharing.

Hui’s Dong stool has been permanently showcased in the prestigious collection of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, symbolizing its artistic and cultural significance.

Recognized as one of Asia’s most promising emerging designers by Design Anthology, an international publication, Hui’s achievements have been documented in the book “Design in Asia: The New Wave,” further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic force within the design industry.

Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Hui honed his skills and garnered valuable experience during his six-year tenure at Michael Young Studio.

Driven by an unwavering enthusiasm to push boundaries, create meaningful user experiences, and leave a lasting impact through his designs, Hui eagerly embraces new challenges and opportunities. He remains committed to shaping the world through innovative and holistic design approaches.

Honors & Awards
One of the "most promising emerging designers working throughout Asia today" in the book "Design in Asia: The New Wave" by Design Anthology
D-Mark of the Design Council of Hong Kong
Lifetime Member of the Hong Kong Designers Association
Global Design Awards Excellence (Dong Stool)
Global Design Awards Excellence (Koncept Studios)
Global Design Awards Bronze, The Hong Kong Designers Association (Niente Side Table)
Worked with

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