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Koncept Studios Received a D-Mark Certification from Mr. Eric Yim

D-Mark by Design Council of Hong Kong
Good design adds value to products and services. Through sophisticated and thoughtful applications, design can bring long-term benefits to brands and businesses. With the aim of encouraging companies to build capable design teams, the Design Council of Hong Kong launches the “Hong Kong D-Mark Certification Scheme”, in short “D-Mark”, to give recognition to companies that have established an effective framework for harnessing quality designs.
《香港D 嘜認證計劃》簡章
精美的設計可為產品及服務增值。透過創新思維及深思熟慮的應用,設計可為品牌及企業帶來長遠得益。為鼓勵企業建立優質卓越的設計團隊,並活用優質設計,香港設計委員會推出《香港D 嘜認證計劃》, 簡稱《D嘜》,表揚那些有良好機制去善用設計的企業。

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