In 2014, Manchuen Hui capitalized on his 11 years of Industrial Design expertise by launching Koncept Studios, a minimalist accessories brand. In 2018, he founded an easy-to-share learning platform Learntify for discovering skills and experiences.

Prior to his entrepreneurship, was an Industrial Designer at Michael Young Studio for six years, a renowned British Industrial Designer.

Award-winning works: The Dong stool sits in the permanent collection of The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and along with Koncept lifestyle brand were awarded the Global Design Excellence Award. The “Niente Side Table” was awarded the Global Design Bronze Award by the Hong Kong Designers Association.

Specialties: industrial design, concept design, design strategy, branding, product development, web development, and product marketing.

Select firms: Siteimprove (Denmark), RELEX Solutions (Finland), Carrefour (France), Hennessy (France), Chivas (United Kingdom), Emeco (United States), CSL Mobile (Hong Kong), Diamond NEP (Hong Kong), Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong), WeWork (Hong Kong), Native Union (Hong Kong), Oregon Scientific (Hong Kong), ODM (Hong Kong), The Press Room (Hong Kong).
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